About Them

Everybody has a Story to Tell

Having a wolf hybrid is an honor and a privilege. It's not like having a dog. They are much higher maintenance, creative, and more intelligent, and you must be ready to take on that commitment. You have to toddler proof your home plus some. Elf, our high content, broke every kinder latch we had. They eat furniture, steal things off the counter, even if it's a frozen chicken, dig out, jump over, figure out how to get into drawers, and much more. And you can't punish them. It's just part of their nature. Never ever hit them or chain them up.

We love to hear your stories. We will help you decide if a wolf hybrid is right for you. We encourage you to come visit. We'd love to meet you and you to meet us and our pack.

Even in the midst of naughty behavior, they will make you laugh.

It becomes a part of your life as they are your life. It is their nature. Yes, we get upset, take a heavy deep sigh, and clean up the mess. We never hit them or tie them up.

We are so blessed having 11 wolfdogs who have 11 different personalities and a life that we never dreamed was possible.