Expect the Unexpected

Everybody has a Story to Tell

A brown leather couch with two pillows on it.

We are so blessed to be able to raise these wondrous creatures. Each has their own unique set of idiosyncrasies and personality. We love to hear your stories, too. Contact us when you're deciding if a wolf hybrid /wolfdog is the right breed for your family. There are pros and cons and we will share with you our experiences as well as the experiences of other families. You will lose things as they eat things. Shoes are edible treats, as are couches, phones, remotes, etc. But you cannot ever hit them or tie them up.

As of 3/2024, we have 11 adult wolf hybrids ranging from 1 to 15. We are also adopting one of Neytiri's pups born 1/2024.  In 2023, we added 2 pups, Seichan and Tank, who will be our next breeding pair. Not all of them get along with each other, so we have to be flexible. If we could give you any advice, if you’ve not had a wolf hybrid before, you need a sense of humor, an incredible level of patience, stability in your life and a willingness to put your wolfdog’s needs before your own. Wolfdogs are much more creative, and intelligent than other breeds and you will learn that quickly. Just remember it's a wolfdog, not a dog and that is an honor and a privilege.