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Pete, Stacy & The Wolfdog Pack: 
Love, Loyalty and Companionship

A dog and a cat are looking at each other.

My husband, Pete, and I, Stacy, met over 20 years ago. He had 5 hybrids, and I had 2 cats and felt uncomfortable around big dogs. Then I met his pack and the alpha, B.J. He mesmerized me as he just had a presence. I had no fear. That was that and I was hooked.

Over time we have raised a total of 26 wolfdogs; males, females, intact, fixed, high content, low content. But our first litter just kind of happened. And the rest of the story tells itself.

We free feed them. Which means we have more bowls than dogs and fill up the bowls once a day with kibble. We have four automatic waterers outside, each being about one foot off the ground. They often get a treat of cooked meat and rice We do not feed them raw meat and believe in including grain in their diet.

We live this way because we love our wolfdogs, yes, but it's much more than that. They have become a part of us, a part of our family. It's about knowing and understanding their nature and nurturing that, not trying to stop that. They make us laugh, cry, and find a deeper level of strength I never thought possible. One day, I was laying down with Elf, petting her while she was nursing, and I started crying tears of joy from the beauty and majesty that came from her soul.