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Living with and raising wolf hybrids / wolf dogs since 1994.

Pete, Stacy & The Family

My husband, Pete, and I, Stacy, met about 20 years ago. He had 5 hybrids, and I had 2 cats and didn't really like dogs, let alone big dogs. Then I met his pack. B.J. He mesmerized me as he just had a presence. That was that and I was hooked.

Over time we have raised a total of 25 wolfdogs. Our first litter was an accident. I have heard the same thing from many other wolf hybrid owners!

How do we care for all of them in the desert southwest you ask.

We free feed them. We have more bowls than dogs and fill up the bowls once a day. Surprisingly, they do not gorge or overeat. We have no food aggression. We have four automatic waterers outside, each being about one foot off the ground. We feed them kibble and cooked meat. We do not feed them raw meat and believe in including grain in their diet.

Our house is full of hair and dirt all the time. Our wood furniture has dog chew marks all over it. Our couch has been chewed and covered in duct tape. We've lost dozens of pairs of shoes, purses, and wallets. Phones, cell phones, and remote controls have teeth prints in them. Food on the counter is meant to be shared, or so they think!

We live in the country on 2 acres completely fenced in with electric fencing around the entire perimeter, all around the bottom and some on the top. It is important you have a decent size yard and have it fenced in.

One more thing. It's critical to have a positive working relationship with your vet. We have had our vet for over 20 years. She has saved the lives of at least 6 of our guys.

People say to us-how can you live that way?

We live this way because we love our wolfdogs, yes, but it's much more than that. They have become a part of us, a part of our family. It's about knowing and understanding their nature and nurturing that, not trying to stop that. They make us laugh, cry, and find a deeper level of strength I never thought possible. One day, I was laying down with Elf, petting her while she was nursing, and I started crying tears of joy from the beauty and majesty that came from her soul.